Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Things to be excited about

SO apparently I am allowed to tell people this, I thought JDS wanted to keep on the DL. We are looking at houses!!! WE went and looked at 2 last Saturday in Hyde Park/Oakley. The first one was a NO NO...JDS had to duck on the 3rd level and the basement was like a scene out of SAW. Seriously, there was a door that had a bent nail closing it. We twisted the nail to see the secret room and it was a room with junk and a toilet in it...creepy...we all went back up stairs with a bit of pep in our steps. HAHA!!! It was not all that bad but not for us! NOW the 2nd one was great! The landscape needed work but my dad is the "Ron Wilson" official Yardboy. ;-) But once you walked in WOW!!! The owners had music playing and a lovely lil note to us about the house. The entry way was large and welcoming, with detailed stain glass windows. There was a lovely dining room, and the living room was an unique/beautiful shape (instead of square walls). The kitchen ironically had a red theme...We are registering for a lot of red kitchen items...'ironic don't you think...a lil too ironic...yes... I really do think' sorry ADD moment.
The walls are a beautiful paint scheme. All original wood floors! The 2nd floor has an office, 2 bdrms, 2 full baths all pretty spacious. THEN the 3rd floor has 2 rms and 7 FT CEILINGS-JDS can stand up :-). My lil brain was running...I could do this and this or maybe this... I was just smitten. We have looked at houses before in the past and walked away shrugging my shoulders and thinking "it's ok."
I am just really excited and trying not to get too excited or as JDS says "Get your hopes up..." But day we will buy a house and that is SUPER exciting. SUPER exciting!
Side note for wedding: going to a tasting at a different bakery Tues (hopefully not alone...JDS has not been to one yet...damn Liberty Mutual). I kinda feel bad bc I know that Patty (other baker) really wants to assist us...but I feel like I need to look at other places that are able to give me a tasting and assist me their prices maybe better over all...but still feel bad like I am cheating on a friend. As for bridesmaid dresses...haha that just makes me laugh. I am hoping once next week is over, big exam is over, then I can zone in on the dresses and make a decision. Lets all cross our fingers!
K well time to watch The Real World! Have a lovely day/night/week...LIFE!!!

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