Friday, March 27, 2009

Thoughts and Thank yous for Friday

So I feel I should apologize to y'all that read our blog. Justin brought it to my attention last night that you have been leaving comments on the blogs and while he has read them and apreciates them, I had no clue! SO I read all of them last night and would like to say THANK YOU! THank you for your support, kind words and jsut making me laugh!

So today I got the 2 contracts in the mail and hopefully can cross those off my list. Then I sent an email to the baker who I have been talking with since probably Nov, asking her if she dropped off the face of the earth or what (not really but wanted to). This woman and I have had numerous emails, IM and phone conversations about the cake and ideas for what I want and what she could create...then I don't hear a darn thing from her. I send her an email asking about the big couple's tasting she invited us to...and no response! I am kinda sad bc she was the first person that was super sweet and appeared to get what I wanted- or at least pretended to understand me. So I sent her an email asking that she respond otherwise I will have to start ALL OVER and find a new baker. I met this one lady at a Bridal Show my aunt dragged me to, and her carrot cake was pretty darn good but she is a bit $$$. And I am all about saving $$$ ESPECIALLY when it comes to the cake that I care the least about! I mean don't get me wrong if Justin and I were on Platinum Weddings on WeTV I would get some fabulous baker to create a carrot cake Elephant cake like the one in Rachael's Getting Married (see that movie if you haven't)...I mean it was this fabulous blue elephant with the basket on top and a male and female lil elephants sitting on top as bride n groom! It was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH AWESOME!!!!! But ne ways, that's that on the cake situation!
I have got the registry under way, I went to Macy's Wed and put some towels and such on there. And I got the Crate & Barrel registry started...I just hope ppl get stuff off there bc I love what I put on there (plus the linens/duvet cover are sale right now ;-) ) haha! I have to be honest bc of the economy right now, a lot of the stuff we registered for is marked down and what not...hope it stays that way. I do wonder though...things change with the seasons so how do we know that the dishes and towels and linens will still be there this summer/fall...bc lets be honest ppl don't start buying their gifts til closer to the wedding (I know JDS and I are famous for it). O well ppl do this every year so I am sure that it will be fine!
Well I think that I am going to go stress my self out and look at dresses for the girls online since I have to get on top of that ASAP!!! blah! :-P
(and Tracy O hope that reading my blog doesn't stress you out about the new engagement and future planning of your own wedding...hee hee).

Love you all, have a great weekend!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

190 Days left...

Well the wedding is coming up fast...only 190 days left so a lil over 6 months! There is still SO much to do! We have contracts on the table screaming "SIGN me and feed me a check!" Vendors that I need to track down or stalk at their business..haha! But I refuse to cry or break down in's my own fault!
However, I can happily say that we do have a photo shoot set up for this Sunday and have been tossing around dates for Engagement pics with our photographer. PLUS, my gal pal super talented Sabrina was in town from TX a few weeks ago and we created a few sample invitations! And because she is SO awesome, so is now back in TX and creating a mock up sample of what we came up with and agreed we liked. So Justin and I will have Save the Dates and invitations to invite ppl, as well as, beautiful pictures of ourselves...haha! I am pretty excited though to have pics of us that are professional and not at a bar or such!
I have to get on those bridesmaid dresses though! O goodness they DO stress me out! O well they will be chosen some day ;-). Well I need to get ready for work/internship...Hope y'all have a great week!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wedding Wedding Wedding

Well I still have not picked out the dresses or the cake. I have not even attempted to make progress on either...however I did email the cake lady but never heard back... SO now the decision is do we continue to pursue her or seek other location? I don't know, I have not been the best at making decisions these days!
But I do have hope that it will all come together and be amazing!
We have gotten the letters and contracts from people though. The florists contract, the musicians contract and a letter reminding me that we owe more $$$ for the ceremony/reception site by certain date. O how fun! SO we need to get signing and check writing or handing $$$ over ;-) haha!

I am very excited that Spring is almost here because that means Summer is that much closer...and FALL is drawing closer too! Never thought I would want Fall to get here so fast! But I do! And I am pretty sure that Justin does, too! If anyone has any suggesting for me shoot em my way!

Hope everyone is having a lovely day, week, life!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Spring Break...or so it's supposed to be.

Well it's been awhile since I have written has been *#!*@#*&@# and such!
As a catch up: 2 Thursdays ago, Feb 21, I was groggy and tired but getting ready for work when Justin walks in the door carrying this HUGE bag and then my best friend Dana pops out from behind him! I just stood there staring at her! I was like, "What the *** did you get her?" I have not seen Dana since last May, which sucks because I have gotten engaged and not been able to celebrate or doing anything with her. Dana is my maid of honor and I have been really sad that she lives in NC and unable to do anything wedding with me. SOOOO...the sneaky kids flew her in and surprised! I truly have the best fiance EVER!!! I can not wait to marry him!

SO, Dana was in town for 5-6 days in which we picked out suits/tuxes for the guys (Justin was there, too), had a nice dinner which Justin planned where she got to meet our closest friends and others in the wedding, and I got to play dress-up with her with brides maid dresses. O and she wanted to do cake tasting but I had already done that, so I took her to my favorite bakery BonBonarie to create our own lil tasting! O it was super overwhelming but so great to be able to do!

Sadly I did not get the girl's dresses BUT I do now know what looks good on Miss Dana and what to steer away from. As I have mentioned in earlier blogs, I have a spectrum of body types in my wedding party! But Dana aka: Boobs I needed to make sure fit and looked lovely in the dresses! I think that I got a good grasp of what to look at and am narrowing items down. I just wish that someone at one of the stores we visited would have shown me how I could pick the color and fabric and then the dresses that the girls could pick from, that way they may feel more comfortable in their dress. I am not 100% that that is what I want to do, but would have like to have seen my options! My friend who is getting married this June did that, she picked the designer/color/fabric and then the girls had 5 dresses to choose from. When my mom and I went looking a few months ago I found a store that showed me that option, BUT of course it was the store with $$$ designers!

O gosh I just want to find the damn dresses and be DONE!!! Plus, the one store was getting on top of me about it, "YOU HAVE to order them by April or they will not be in in time..." My anxiety levels made me want to vomit! I don't understand why this has to be so freaking hard!!! Justin was like, "Why don't we just have the girls wear black dresses from White House Black Market, and everything else can be colorful?" MEN!!! If it was that simple I would, and I have contemplated with the idea but can not except it! I like the color, not black! I look at these other weddings that have the color dresses I want, where the H did they get them? And I hate when Dana and I would find a dress we liked they would hand me this swatch book and either there was not my colors or the swatches were an inch long and 1/2 inch wide...I have no clue what that would look like on a dress!
Some times I just wish that I could go to the fabric store find what I want and have my mom make the dresses...she would need a long time for that though!

Currently, I am on my Spring Break from school...but that means poop! I still work, still read/write for classes, and have lil time to run around to do wedding stuff! It's awesome...don't get me wrong I LOVE not having to go to class, I just wish I could actually take a break! And ppl will say to me, "You will get a break come May once classes are over..." WHATEVER!!! I want one NOW!!! Even when Dana was here and Justin got me off work Fri/Mon, I was non-stop! And by Sunday night I was behind my computer typing a DAF for school, I just couldn't stop.

It seems like I just wish the wedding was here already! Then I would not have to worry about picking out dresses, cake, entertainment, BLAH! Or at least I wish school would disappear and I could concentrate on going to work then planning the wedding!

Well, better look at the registry online to get some ideas...I will be battling Justin tonight as we register at the store, maybe stores...we have already looked at a few dishes and such. I like the unique colorful items, he likes the unique shape but boring colors! And is set on "Stainless steel" BORING!!! Hopefully my mom will be a good guiding light for us! And we can meet in the middle...colorful mixer... ;-)

Hope all is well in your neck of the woods and you & your family are happy, healthy and warm with love!