Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Deadlines for bridesmaid's dresses SUCK! They are enough motivation for me to get it done! I DID go and meet with the bridal consultant who helped me with my dress on Monday to see what she could pull in ideas for me. She gave me a good idea, however, I am not sold! And she even said, "This is your day, one day in your life, when you should not have to compromise in certain areas..." And I feel like I am compromising & I hate that. I don't want to compromise, I will in other areas but I don't want to with the dresses/clothing! I want to be able to look at our photos 10yrs from now and still love the dresses that I chose...not think "they were ok for then but I wish I would have gotten the other ones..." This stinks! STINKS!!!
Maybe I can make lots of $$$ this summer and just pay for 1/2 of them...
I think that I might try to go out to the Bridesmaid Store in Reading again and see how much their dresses were that I liked, my mom swears they were cheaper than other I have looked at. So maybe I will get one last quote from them and go from there. I HAVE TO GET THIS DONE ASAP...I am cutting it WAY too close!
I just want the girls to wear pretty dresses that make me smile and hopefully them too...but we will see I guess. I am trying to not be picky, but cheaper dresses don't make the color I want. Maybe the green but not the orange! Deep breathes! I am more willing to compromise by not having the guys wear colored ties (though I really like that) but I rather give that up then the dresses.
My mom told me, "What if you did it all green or with an ivory sash..." No No! I wear the whites not them! Dumb I know but...poop. This would have been so much easier if we eloped on the beach, then my bridesmaids could have worn sweet/simple and cheaper dresses. Everything happens for a reason...but I am wondering when I will find the dress or at least get this figured out! I was hoping I would find some expensive dresses but with time (like by NOW) I would find the cheaper dress that made me happy!
O off to research a little bit more. Hope everyone is having a lovely Spring!

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