Friday, March 27, 2009

Thoughts and Thank yous for Friday

So I feel I should apologize to y'all that read our blog. Justin brought it to my attention last night that you have been leaving comments on the blogs and while he has read them and apreciates them, I had no clue! SO I read all of them last night and would like to say THANK YOU! THank you for your support, kind words and jsut making me laugh!

So today I got the 2 contracts in the mail and hopefully can cross those off my list. Then I sent an email to the baker who I have been talking with since probably Nov, asking her if she dropped off the face of the earth or what (not really but wanted to). This woman and I have had numerous emails, IM and phone conversations about the cake and ideas for what I want and what she could create...then I don't hear a darn thing from her. I send her an email asking about the big couple's tasting she invited us to...and no response! I am kinda sad bc she was the first person that was super sweet and appeared to get what I wanted- or at least pretended to understand me. So I sent her an email asking that she respond otherwise I will have to start ALL OVER and find a new baker. I met this one lady at a Bridal Show my aunt dragged me to, and her carrot cake was pretty darn good but she is a bit $$$. And I am all about saving $$$ ESPECIALLY when it comes to the cake that I care the least about! I mean don't get me wrong if Justin and I were on Platinum Weddings on WeTV I would get some fabulous baker to create a carrot cake Elephant cake like the one in Rachael's Getting Married (see that movie if you haven't)...I mean it was this fabulous blue elephant with the basket on top and a male and female lil elephants sitting on top as bride n groom! It was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH AWESOME!!!!! But ne ways, that's that on the cake situation!
I have got the registry under way, I went to Macy's Wed and put some towels and such on there. And I got the Crate & Barrel registry started...I just hope ppl get stuff off there bc I love what I put on there (plus the linens/duvet cover are sale right now ;-) ) haha! I have to be honest bc of the economy right now, a lot of the stuff we registered for is marked down and what not...hope it stays that way. I do wonder though...things change with the seasons so how do we know that the dishes and towels and linens will still be there this summer/fall...bc lets be honest ppl don't start buying their gifts til closer to the wedding (I know JDS and I are famous for it). O well ppl do this every year so I am sure that it will be fine!
Well I think that I am going to go stress my self out and look at dresses for the girls online since I have to get on top of that ASAP!!! blah! :-P
(and Tracy O hope that reading my blog doesn't stress you out about the new engagement and future planning of your own wedding...hee hee).

Love you all, have a great weekend!

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