Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday Update

Hello All! I thought that I would take a moment to let you know what Justin and I have been up to since I last wrote.

So far I still have not got the bridesmaids dresses, my goal/date is within the next 7 days! Wish me luck...I am trying to optimistic! Justin and I went to the baker last Tues and really liked the bakers and their cakes. They were very straight forward and very helpful! I was a fan! Plus, I enjoyed eating their cake! So we still have to sign the contract and what not but am 95% sure we are going with them. BUT get this, the lady that I was hoping to use but was MIA for a month...Well I got home Wed from class to have Justin hand me a package and when I open it up there is a cute black hat box sealed with a purple ribbon and a personal note to us. It was the lady! She had mailed us four mini cakes to sample! The presentation was amazing though! This little box full of color full tissue paper and the cakes looked nice. Anyways, of course I dug right in (actually I only took a bite out of each then wrapped them back up for later). They were pretty darn good! I loved the carrot cake and this chocolate with whipped choc moose on top...which is weird bc usually I don't like choc cake! Anyways it was very good and then made me feel I had cheated on her...haha! O well we had to do what we had to do I guess!
As for house hunting, we looked at about 6-7 more this past Saturday. Our realtor had us look at the best one first, which was funny looking at this larger home and comparing it to the houses in Oakley/Hyde Park which are not tiny but not comparable! So, we are getting serious and closer I believe to potentially making an offer on a house! And I am learning more and more about the house hunting/buying's interesting. Plus, I think we have a great realtor in our corner...and a great friend who is looking out for us! This is one instance I feel that working with a friend is working best for us.
Alright well off to do Monday things... O and if anyone has dress suggestions I am ALWAYS OPEN!!!

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