Friday, April 17, 2009

Oct can't come soon enough

I am super excited for the wedding...I can not wait! I am ecstatic about being Justin's wife and officially calling him my husband. Now being Mrs. Stone will take some's just weird! I am so excited to take this huge new step in life, a step that I am taking with my best friend. All through life we take these steps of growth but we usually take them alone to gain independence and autonomy. For the past 25 years have been taking steps in my life by myself- and yes I had support and cheerleaders along the way- but I made the final say in where I went and what I did. Now a days I look at future steps and adventures in life and instead of consulting with my support networks, I am looking at Justin and WE are making the decisions together. We agree on the house we choose to bid on or live in, we choose what dishes to register for, we decide what to buy at the grocery store. And the best part of it is that I thought that I would absolutely HATE that...but I LOVE it!
I love looking to Justin and appreciate that he respects me enough to look towards me before taking leaps. I guess that's what really matters and what I truly enjoy...Justin and I don't have to ask one another about things, we could just do them. However, we choose to ask one another about opinions, likes/dislikes, we even ask one another if the other would mind if we do something like get drinks after work with friends. Rather than telling each other "I am doing this..." we talk about it or at least communicate to each other. I am so excited to spend the rest of life with Justin!
I find myself getting so excited that I feel frustrated because I want so badly to start this new chapter in our lives. Our first home, first dog, then eventually first child together! I can not wait to watch him coach a sport or play ballerina with our daughter ;-). I look forward to cooking dinner on a beautiful sunny Spring day, watching the kids play out back and having Justin return home from work to greet me with a huge kiss on my forehead (he does that now). I just can not wait to truly start our lives together as Husband & Wife, dad & mom, best friends to the end!
Screw the dresses, the music, the $$$. I have what I want most in life...Justin! I just need the added bonus of Crouse saying "You are now man & wife."
Gosh I love him so much...kinda makes you want to vomit (in a good way...haha)

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