Wednesday, May 6, 2009


A miracle occurred yesterday around 3-4 pm...I had decided that on Tuesday I was going to visit all bridal stores-David's/Wendy's all of them and I would pick out a dress. Though knowing myself I asked my sister to come with me bc if i had gone alone I would probably be where I was on Monday...with no Bridesmaid dresses! I ran to David's & Wendy's solo and as soon as I walked in I walked back out...nothing new nothing I wanted to even give a chance...just the same dresses I had seen every where else. Don't get me wrong there were good dresses just nothing that met what I was looking for.
After leaving there I picked Megan up and we traveled to the Reading Wedding District. I was on a mission @ Carrie Karibo's Bridesmaid store! My mother and I had gone to this store last fall when the search first began and found dresses I really liked but they were on the $$$ end, so I chose to look else where. I was so hoping that the dress would pop out and not be too expensive...once that never happened I found myself right back where I started. So I spoke with the consultant, she pulled a few dresses and while Megan got changed into them I looked through fabric swatches. First dress...Megan would not come out of dressing room haha...not her style. Second dress, she came out with a huge smile! Which for my sister is rare! She is not the dress kinda girl...not to mention the dress was blue with a pink sash! NE who, it looked great on her. Complimented her body nicely and you could tell that she looked comfy in it. As she puts it, "I can wear normal underwear, eat dinner and dance in it." It's funny!
I got the price, took a deep breathe and compromised by getting the smaller sash bc the one we loved was $! But the sash we got we still really like. So I decided to go for it! I filled out paper work on all the girls and called JDS to see if we could just pay for the dresses and have the girls pay us back. Now the dresses are in the higher$$$ so we decided that we will help the girls with paying for them. I am super excited!
FINALLY!!! I feel like a weight has been removed from my body! Now all I have to do is get on the girls to get their measurements in and pay for the dresses. It's an extra chunk of change we were not anticipating using, but I am extremely grateful that JDS is allowing us to do it! Now I just hope that the girls are happy with my selection, I know Megan is so that's a step in the right direction.
I am trying to have the motto 'Do what you like, not what you think everyone else likes or wants.' It's Justin and my big day...not others...and when those others try to rain on our parade I am trying to just dance around and not let it bring me down. Side note: politics of a wedding can drive you crazy! AND it really shows you who your true friends are...which is good & bad all at the same time! Ladies next time you are in a wedding please be a nice bridesmaid, especially if the bride has given you the title Maid of Honor! Smile and be nice...not rude! It's not about you! Sorry I just this lingering thought of frustration and needed to vent a lil!

I hope that everyone that reads this...if happy, healthy and received our Save the Date! ;-) Have a great day!

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