Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Planning Planning PLANNING!!! (and a lil venting)

It is so hard to make sure that you are pleasing everyone, while at the same time pleasing yourself! Right when I think that we have something finished it feels like something else pops up and Nope I still have more to do or figure out! I seriously took a relaxing breath for maybe a day...then the weight of planning fell right back on my shoulders. HOWEVER, I am super happy for school to be slowing down, I think I might actually find some time to get things done with out having that "don't be late to class, don't forget to write that paper, research, write up that report...blah!" I think once all the bridesmaid dresses measurements are in and ordered I will feel lighter...then the reality of having to collect $ from the girls will build up...but one stressor at a time haha!

Honestly I love all this most of the is when those around me nit-pick at my choices, question what I want and make me second guess myself! I just want to make a decision and feel happy and confident about it! Can just once someone say "I think that's great! That is really pretty! I am excited about this." Instead I get the "it's nice BUT..." No one can just have something nice to say with out adding in that BUT or HOWEVER...hate to say it but I just wish those thoughts could be kept to themselves at times (unless it's truly necessary). I just want someone to say that I made a good choice, that they like the dresses and colors and it will be beautiful!!! It's not that hard!

ON a lighter note, I am extremely happy to say that my sister has really stepped up through this wedding process. She has just been a good friend in listening to me vent, run around the Tri-State with me as I thru dresses at her (on numerous occasions) and at times said the nice/right things that eased my nerves when they began to boil! My sis and I have had our ups and downs, but at the end of the day she is always my big sister and one person I believe would drop anything to help me when I am truly in a time of need! YES, we still have our 'sister' moments but in relation to the wedding she has really been awesome, especially more recently as we get closer...(knock on wood that I do not jinx myself).
Alright I am off to make some phone calls, write some emails and plan a wedding!

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