Sunday, May 31, 2009

Passing the time...

SO we are at 4months & 3 days til the big day...and my big stressor has become physical! It's not just me, it's Justin too. Of course I am 1000x more intense, but Justin did go for a run/walk with me thru the city over to Newport and back home on Sat because he wants to work on his "windedness." ;-) Me...I am terrified of not looking 'amazing' in my dress. I feel that I have not been constant like I used to be with my workout and eating plan. I find it really hard when you have another person to eat with. Justin can eat SSOOO much more than me, and does not have to worry as much about the fat content...but I do! And I feel like I have gotten less tone and bit flabbier. I hate the scale though, bc it does not say that I have gained tons of weight...but I am going on the muscle weighs more than fat, so that is why the scale is not fat doesn't weigh as much. haha..dumb I know!
I miss having my routine and a lot of times the self-control/motivation/discipline that I used to have that gave me the sculpted legs and tighter tummy. I also miss my gym buddies. I used to have @ least 2 girls that I could go to the gym with and workout with...there is that amazing motivation and push when someone is running/lifting or working next to you...the competitive spirit pushes you! I have tried to find a new buddy, but all my friends have opposite schedules of me and Justin has a lot on his plate plus 3 sports a week so he rarely has time to go with me.
I just wish that I could get a regular schedule down that I could plan a workout into that became like a ritual. Maybe once the summer begins I will have that wish granted! What would super cook would be if Justin could become a health/nutritious cook ;-) Some days I come home and see the boys chips, candy or food items that are not on the healthier side and I want to take a bag and throw all of it away! The other day I took the bag of Reese's Eggs in the freezer and put them in a Tupperware container and placed it under the frozen chicken...out of my sight when I open the freezer. I know that it is there but "out of sight = most of the time out of mind"
SO we are 4 months away and I am hoping by that by Sept I am feeling great, tight and tone, and then just have a month that I am just maintaining and having the alterations to my dress to fit around by cute lil body ;-).

Hope everyone is doing well and feeling splendid!

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