Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wedding Wedding Wedding

Well I still have not picked out the dresses or the cake. I have not even attempted to make progress on either...however I did email the cake lady but never heard back... SO now the decision is do we continue to pursue her or seek other location? I don't know, I have not been the best at making decisions these days!
But I do have hope that it will all come together and be amazing!
We have gotten the letters and contracts from people though. The florists contract, the musicians contract and a letter reminding me that we owe more $$$ for the ceremony/reception site by certain date. O how fun! SO we need to get signing and check writing or handing $$$ over ;-) haha!

I am very excited that Spring is almost here because that means Summer is that much closer...and FALL is drawing closer too! Never thought I would want Fall to get here so fast! But I do! And I am pretty sure that Justin does, too! If anyone has any suggesting for me shoot em my way!

Hope everyone is having a lovely day, week, life!

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