Thursday, March 26, 2009

190 Days left...

Well the wedding is coming up fast...only 190 days left so a lil over 6 months! There is still SO much to do! We have contracts on the table screaming "SIGN me and feed me a check!" Vendors that I need to track down or stalk at their business..haha! But I refuse to cry or break down in's my own fault!
However, I can happily say that we do have a photo shoot set up for this Sunday and have been tossing around dates for Engagement pics with our photographer. PLUS, my gal pal super talented Sabrina was in town from TX a few weeks ago and we created a few sample invitations! And because she is SO awesome, so is now back in TX and creating a mock up sample of what we came up with and agreed we liked. So Justin and I will have Save the Dates and invitations to invite ppl, as well as, beautiful pictures of ourselves...haha! I am pretty excited though to have pics of us that are professional and not at a bar or such!
I have to get on those bridesmaid dresses though! O goodness they DO stress me out! O well they will be chosen some day ;-). Well I need to get ready for work/internship...Hope y'all have a great week!

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