Thursday, February 5, 2009


Thus far on the wedding...we got another contract for reception signed and paid! Yay! AND Justin took care of it!!! I made ONE more meeting with the 3rd florist to see what they say, think, and compare to other two.
The 1st one: woman did not listen to what I said I wanted/liked, in her proposal she added flowers I said multiple times that I DID NOT WANT.
The 2nd: She was cool and creative, but a lil condescending and rubbed Justin wrong (which I guess my dad caught on to, too). Plus, we met right after I left work/internship and I was flying trying to make the apt so my mind was FAR from wedding flowers so I could not think straight or be affirmative...though Justin and my dad did a great job painting the picture of what I wanted.

SO now we are meeting with the 3rd florist on the top 3 list. I spoke with him today and WOW he is going to be entertaining! Gay and very vibrant! I have a feeling that I will be smiling and giggling a well as Justin and Dad. I love new people who get super excited with me/us about the wedding. And hopefully I will get that "YES" feeling with him unlike the other's. Or he will at least see what I am seeing! And be creative...basically have the positive aspects of the first 2 with an added something special I have been looking for...if not then we will see (probably go with 2).

As for the bridesmaids dresses I found one that I really like, just need to get the ONLY store in OH to get back with me about if I can see it or at least the color swatches of the fabric. What sucks is that those stores don't open til 12pm, which by then I am at work or getting ready for school and I work Sat morning into the afternoon, which after Iam usually running home to get ready for something we have planned...therefore I have limited time to run all over the Tri-State to stores, especially if they don't have what i want to see!

Well that's what's going down on the Wedding Planning Front! Hope everyone is staying safe and warm this fridged winter!

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  1. Wow sounds like so much fun!! I miss you!! We need to catch up soon?? Do you have time to chat anytime soon??