Monday, February 16, 2009


Went to the 3rd florist this morning and O my goodness I think that we FINALLY found some one that is capable of giving me THE BRIDE what I want! When I told him that I did not want specific flowers he did not even flinch or give me the evil eye, like others, he just moved on to what I do like and want! And I got out my pictures and list of plants/flowers that I liked and he found them for me and showed me how we could use them. Like I had this specific berry that I wanted to use and when I showed him he got the book out and showed me how we could use it! PLUS, my favorite flower can bruise easily, and instead of freaking out about that fact like the last florist...seriously she tried to get me to not use the one thing I have ALWAYS known I wanted the I was upset that she tried to get me not to use it. But this florist reassured me that he takes extra measures to keep them safe and was glad to use them for me!
Also, he gave me the "Ahh-hha" moment by reading my mind in a way. He was willing to give me the flowers and accent foliage I liked and wanted. Plus, when creating the guys flowers he totally used the flower that I was thinking about AND right on the spot created a unique lil something for the groomsmen! It was just really nice to have someone listen to me and be willing to work with me VERSES telling me what to do or trying to create something that I had JUST said that I did not want! Plus, he knows the venue and was like, "I will run down there later this week to refresh my memory and draw out where and how we could decorate..." I love the above and beyond attitude and willingness!
SO I am pretty smitten with the guy...3rd time IS a charm!!! Now lets just hope that it's not an arm and a leg cost wise! ;-)

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  1. Awe that has to feel So much better! I bet it will be beautiful!!!