Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snow Day!!!

SO the weather ppl were FINALLY right! Starting at midnight the flakes poured down, so I thru my scarf/gloves/coat on and danced around in the street under it...while Justin snored in bed ;-) It was fun! Then @ 6:30am Justin got a text that UC and XU were closed for the day=Snow day for us...kind of. He still had to work at home, but at lunch we froliced in the snow. More of him tackling me into the ground and me falling trying to take him down! Haha! Here is my lovely
Snow Angel:
Then while warming up with grilled chz and soup, I pulled up potential Bridesmaid dresses and consulted with Justin. I tried getting the thoughts of the girls, but one would get excited and another would give me the "that's...cute..." I have decided, no offense to the others, that I will consult Justin, Dana and my sister only. SO I tried to get pricing from the bridal shop on a specific designer they sell..but they suck and won't return emails or calls! Which I don't understand! Don't these ppl want the sale and commission? I mean when I have Qs about suits for the guys I have sales ppl fighting to answer or help me...too bad we have an in at the shop in CVG...as long as our rmmt doesn't screw it up (he is dating the girl now)...though she is pretty cool so I am going to assume that she would take the sale either way. Gotta love connections with good ppl!

So the florist we met with 2 wks ago called me today to make sure things were going well and that we did not have any further Qs. This really made me smile and love them more. Other florists just send emails and seemed like they could have cared less about us. This florist and her team seem to really want to be a part of our wedding! Wonder if that's because of my dad and his affiliation within the plant business or what...either way I love that they took the time to CALL us instead of an impersonal email or nothing at all. I feel that they will get a good referral from us...but not saying 100% until the Wedding and I physically am holding the bouquet that I dreamed and floral I envisioned! Hate to say it but I am questionable until I see it! Like my dress...I loved it when purchasing it, but while waiting for it to get made I was full of Qs and emotions. Then it came in, I put it on and showed it to my parents/sister/JDS' mom and I cried a lil in excitement! It was never doubt just concern. This is one day that I would like to be perfect to Justin n I.

Speaking of perfection, I am working to get my body tighter and toner. I started meeting with Justin & my mutual friend who is a Pilates teacher. I was tryin to get Justin to come with me but that was mission impossible. NE ways, I met with our friend for the 1st time last night after class. OMG pilates is...wow! The start was good. We started on the mat or this table that looks like one in a physically therapists table, using my own body weight and teaching me the correct moves. Then moved to the machine or sled. Though I excelled on the mat, the sled was another thing. At first I did well, but then I could tell Mike (teacher) was getting frustrated with me...though did a great job of not verbalizing! haha! He was telling me to curl my hips in, lift torso up, abs in and up...I was trying SSOOO hard not to get frustrated but there were moments when I thought my hips were curled in and had no clue how they could move any more! Being an athlete and used to cardio and weight lifting kinda screwed me I felt. I have the ab and body muscle, which he told me, but there were areas/ muscles he wanted me to engage and I had no clue how! Though I can say that I am a bit sore today..it's awesome! I have been trying to practice holding my abs in and lifting my torso w/o shrugging my shoulders or arching my back! HAHAHA..he would tell me to sit up tall and I thought I was but really I was arching my back like crazy! I was comical relief for sure! I hope to continue meeting with him 1/2x a wk, but I feel I need to get better at it...mainly bc as we were leaving he told me that he refused to charge us until I could do the workout correctly and get all I could from it. I thought I did well., but I am not a Pilates Master like Mike! He is crazy awesome! I am hoping tonight to get Justin outside to run and frolic more in the snow...nothing like 3-4 inches of snow and ice to run thru to engage the muscles! ;-)

Well, enough rambling for the day! Hope everyone is enjoying the snow or environment they are in! (I apologize for any grammatical mistakes...Justin told me that I can make a few when I type fast...hope no one thinks I am an idiot, I try to spell check).

Love to all!

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