Thursday, January 22, 2009

keeping all posted

I decided that instead of sending multiple emails all over the place, I would throw stuff on a Blog for all to view.
Justin and I are doing better with keeping sanity with lil over 8 months to go til the wedding! Though, we still have our moments of strain and stress. Weddings are not cheap or easy to plan...unless you are doing the court house (but who knows that might be a handful, too). For those who are not or have not planned before let me tell you...everything you say/said that you would do get thrown out the window for the most part. If your lucky some of the ideas come back around, but just be prepared that it's not as easy as one hopes...coping skills and patience are key!

I have to laugh bc while I am working to assist children and thier families to have healthy coping skills, good self-talk and retaining their sanity...I find myself doing the opposite in my own life @ times! However, I have made the oath to try not to get so overwhelmed now in 2009, as I was at the beginning in 2008! ;-)

So far Justin and I have done a pretty darn good job on our own. We have the venue for Ceremony & Reception + food/drink, photographers, MY DRESS!!!, and some other fun stuff.
I am attempting to finalize the florist...though I really liked the last woman I met so we need to just cross the ts and dot the i's. And I think we have the bakery for the cake/desserts...but honestly that is not at the top of our list (JDS and I are not some much cake ppl).

SO that's a summary of what is/has gone on thus far. Justin and I are busy, not only with the wedding, but with School (class+practicum+internship 4 me) and work, but we are getting thru it together...which is a great start to our future lives together!

Love to all!

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  1. WHAT?! not cake peopele, Scott and I will gladly help with that process! It may not be on the top of our list of things to do but it's def. on there and one thing we both look forward to. Besides isn't that why you have a big wedding, to have a big cake?? Kidding... hehe..

    this is cute and I've been wanting to create a wedding blog but I already have a difficult time managing the other blog.

    Love ya Sabrina