Friday, January 23, 2009


So today I am having one of those days...the day where I am at work but actually have time to do HW & read for class, BUT instead I want to do anything BUT school. SO I have been looking at bridesmaid dresses online and driving myself crazy.

I find something I really like but then it's WAY too expensive! Or I find something but it's not in the color I want... For the past 5-6 months random females have been telling me, "You have to shop around and hunt for the bargain..." Well I have been hunting and looking around...but find myself at the same place every time. I just hope that one day I will be 'hunting and shopping around' and have that "TA DA" moment where 'the' dress is there...right color/style/sizes!

Sizes that's another hard part. All my girls range in height, weight, curve and bust. I have tall & stick like, tall & built, short & busty, tall but curvy, and maybe one girl that is relatively similar to my size. Try finding a dress that fits and looks good on all of them, or at least they feel good and comfortable wearing! AND I KNOW...I can pick a color and fabric then let the girls find a dress they like from that criteria. Which at first I was all for. But looking at it now I am not sure that I want or will like that at our wedding...where we are having it and all. O I don't know! It's crazy! Well that's my battle of the day: Finding dresses and the motivation to read for class.

Hope everyone has a great Friday and weekend!


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